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Capacity Building


         NNPC New Energy Limited (NNEL)

This workshop was designed to equip participants with the understanding in renewable energy technologies, sustainable sources, policies, concepts and current evolutions of renewable energy. The workshop provided the NNEL/Renewable Energy Division (RED) participants valuable insights in solar power systems planning, trends and operational issues related to bioresources for power systems and operational issues of national grid integration. The workshop outline included:

  • Prospects, planning, and challenges of solar power systems
  • Basics and trends of bioresources for power systems
  • Health hazards of renewable energy generation
  • Operational issues of bioresources power systems
  • Operational issues of national grid integration
  • Design, Operation and Challenges in Planning Solar Mini-Grids

         NNPC Energy Services Limited (EnServ)

This workshop is designed to explain the process of planning and constructing the wellbore from the surface to the reservoir formation (subsurface). Planning a well is a fundamental part of the drilling process and this workshop provides understanding auditable procedures for planning, preparation, and execution phases of well operation including design, equipment specification and operations.

The objective of this workshop to the EnServ – Frontier Exploration Services (FES) participant was on the basis of making all important technical choices, for assessing drilling related costs and organising the actual construction of the wellbore in the most efficient way. The training includes the understanding of:

  • The Importance of Drilling Programmes in Constructing a Well Borne
  • Drilling Operations, Choice of Rig and Blowout Preventer (BOP)
  • Drilling Cost Management & Well Planning
  • Drilling Optimisation
  • Drilling Bits, Hydraulics and Geomechanics

         NNPC Gas Marketing Limited (NGML) 

This workshop provides a comprehensive approach and set of practices aimed at ensuring the reliability, safety, and operational effectiveness of gas industry assets throughout their lifecycle. Companies in the oil & gas industry can minimize the risks associated with asset failures, enhance operational efficiency, extend asset lifespan, reduce downtime, ensure regulatory compliance and ultimately safeguard the reputation and profitability of the organization..

Key aspects of the workshop includes:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Management and Analysis
  • Training and Competency Development
  • Continuous Improvement

The gas plant optimization workshop is a process of utilizing all available information to determine the set of economically optimising operating conditions. ZKJ Energy Partners was engaged to provide the NGML staff with the understanding and basis for making all critical technical choices for natural gas processing before it can be moved through long distance pipeline systems for use by customers.

The following are highlights of the workshop:

  • Concept of Natural Gas, Development, Processing and Transmission
  • Concept of Phase Separation, Separators Types and Design
  • Natural Gas Compression, Types and Operating Principles
  • Gas Dehydration and Concepts of Refrigerators

Contract Administration and Management is a process of managing the lifecycle of contracts created and administered by an organization. The objective of Contract Administration and Management is to ensure that both parties meet their respective commitments as efficiently and effectively as possible and that the intended outcomes of the contract are delivered.

The Contract Management Framework provides a clear standardized approach to managing and administering contracts and includes;

  • Contract Administration and Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Management Best Practices
  • Contract Management Challenges
  • Contract Risk Challenges
  • Digital Contract Management

Microsoft Office is a critical computer application used to organize, manage, present and communicate ideas, information, data, and figures. This workshop was designed to give the participants an in-depth understanding of key features used in essential Microsoft Office applications in order to enhance business administration.

The workshop includes:

  • Personal use of Computer hardware and software
  • Hands-on use of Microsoft Office applications
  • Reference articles for further reading
  • Digital security and system maintenance
  • Practical assignments and group tasks