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Advisory Services

Bespoke Advisory Services

Our advisory services cover all aspects and technologies across the value chain. Our multi-faceted expertise and in-depth industry experience enable us deliver optimized and best-in-class advisory services to our private, government, and public sector clients on capital-intensive greenfield and brownfield projects. We collaborate with our partners and clients to deliver world-class infrastructures

Value Chain

Fuel To Power
Transmission Generation


Gas to Power
Mini Grids/On-grid


Project Management

Energy Advisory Services

Our transaction advisory services include bid advisory and competitive bid management, mergers & acquisitions(M&A), deal structuring, business case and information memorandum development. 

Our approach integrates due diligence with strategic planning, ensuring informed decision-making tailored to the dynamic nature of energy industry and its transactions.

We provide comprehensive commercial advisory services which includes the structuring of commercial frameworks, market entry strategies, development and negotiations of key industry agreements, tariff setting, digital transformation for portfolio optimisation, and stakeholder management. 

Our services aim to facilitate strategic decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, and foster sustainable growth.

We offer a wide range of financial advisory services to meet the needs of our clients. Our services encompass project finance, capital investment analysis, risk allocation and mitigation, market analysis, financial modeling, asset valuation, sustainable finance, debt and equity negotiations.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive support and guidance to developers and investors in structuring bankable deals.

We provide guidance and assistance in navigating and complying with various regulations and laws relevant to the energy industry. This includes interpretation of regulations, assessment of regulatory impact on energy investment and strategies to ensure compliance.

Our aim is to help clients mitigate risk maintain ethical practices and avoid regulatory consequences.

Clients & Projects